About wild.work

The countryside is far more than just a view from your morning commute…

At the heart of this enterprise is a desire to bring more people out into the world’s wild spaces. To experience the sights, sounds and scents of the place we all came from. We believe as more people connect to the natural world, the better off the world and its people will become.

Our vision is simple:

  1. We want to bring all desk bound workers to locations that enhance their creativity.
  2. To build two-way connections between both the like-minded who are drawn to work in this way and the natural environment.
  3. Improve worker’s emotional health, wellbeing and their own productivity whilst rebuilding a relationship with the natural world.

You can read more about the Greendesking movement here.

To book your desk with a view, simply use the form below:

A day in the life of a wild worker

Ride your bike up to us, tuck into a breakfast sandwich around the grill, get to know the people you’ll be spending the day with, enjoy free (good) tea & coffee, experience your creativity bloom and your productivity increase. Lunch! More work, friendly chats, then a cheeky sundowner from the south-facing deck. Sail home knowing you’ve done a good days work and supported a business that only wants the best for our planet.

Work in the wild at wild.work.