A beginning

Before becoming a web developer I’d had numerous jobs, from landscaping to managing property in Abu Dhabi and Central London. The key themes? I loved being outside, but I also loved earning a decent wage. Whenever I undertook outside work of a physical nature I felt great, but always disappointed by the cash at the end of the day. Working in a high-rise office block with a painful commute either end of the day was soul-crushing; the pay-slip at the end of the month was not.

Surely it could be possible to have the best of both worlds?

As business took off as a self-employed web developer I started to feel like I was knocking at the right door. I had the time and freedom to go for a climb in the middle of the day and could still comfortably pay my bills at the end of each month with a little left over. My commute was a 12 second walk to my desk, 30 if I decided to get out of my pyjamas.

But something was still missing. I was still confined to a desk in my flat with a view of a driveway. The reduced social interaction didn’t have the best effect on me either. The frequency of headlines expressing declining natural habitats and failing rural economies, was increasing. For several years the same questions would whirl around my head:

  • How I can work outside, but still earn money?
  • How do I meet new people and keep ideas flowing?
  • How can my daily actions have a positive effect on the environment (by doing, rather than not doing)?
  • What can I personally do to bring people into rural environments when they are exclusively used to urban ones and the associated luxuries?

One day an answer came:

I need to create work spaces in beautiful locations.

  • Personally, I need to be in nature, I need to be earning and I need to be with people sometimes.
  • Socially, I want to emphasise how amazing and important the countryside is, as well as giving the people in it another way to pay their bills.

That was a couple of years ago, but with the invaluable help of my business partner, Dan Jones, wild.work has finally arrived!


Seb Mower

wild.work Cofounder