We offer rural hot desking facilities in Sussex. Our coworking spaces bring you much closer to nature, and nature much closer to you.

Improve your productivity and creativity by taking a break from working at home, your urban coworking space or the usual commute. wild.work is a brand new concept that allows you to work in beautiful rural spaces with all essential facilities. Connect. Work. Breathe.

A day in the life of a wild worker

Ride your bike up to us, tuck into a breakfast sandwich around the grill, get to know the people you’ll be spending the day with, enjoy free (good) tea & coffee, experience your creativity bloom and your productivity increase. Lunch! More work, friendly chats, then a cheeky sundowner from the south-facing deck. Sail home knowing you’ve done a good days work and supported a business that only wants the best for our planet.

Work in the wild at wild.work.

Use drop down menu to check location rates. To book your desk with a view, simply use the form below: